Collect or Drop Parcel Collect Collect or drop parcels at your fingertips with Zlock — Can't stay home all day to wait for parcel to arrive Sunny or Rainy Now you’ll know exactly where is your parcel through the app and collect it anytime. - It's like magic. Slide

Easy, Fast and Safe!

Zlock contactless parcel collection!

Zlock is one of the Malaysia automated parcel locker that allow you to drop and collect parcel conveniently. Drop item and collect item with us now by downloading our app in Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

Zlock Locker

Delivery and collect your parcel or documents in the most convenient way with Zlock!

Multiple Location

Coverage of multiple location in Johor.

Fast & Easy

Drop and collect your parcel or document in a minute.


Check collection status and parcel status through the app.


Keep track of all your parcels send or receive.

Clear Location

Don’t know where is the box? Open Zlock app and you will find the box easily at your fingertip.


Our customer service is ready to assist you with any questions.

Simple steps,
For all users!

Steps for drop or collect parcel:

1) Locate parcel

2) Press collect

3) Take item and mark as done

1) Book locker

2) Drop parcel

3) Monitor status

Our Partners.

We collaborate with multiple parties to keep our coverage huge and fast.

10K+ Users, 50+ Drop points
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